LIGHTNING HOLDS MY HAND: A Woman's Journal of Guidance, by Andrea Goodman (Book)

LIGHTNING HOLDS MY HAND: A Woman's Journal of Guidance, by Andrea Goodman (Book)

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The profound and poetic guidance, received in the midst of crisis, can help others move through fear, grief, and loss, into spiritual awakening and renewal. 
As a guide for the journey of divorce, loss or disappointment, Lightning Holds My Hand gives an empowering perspective that transcends blame and victim hood. 

A beacon of guided inspiration to illuminate the dark night of the soul.
-Donna Henes, author of The Queen of My Self

"The lightning that streaks through these pages, evolving into luminous words, offers a message of sustaining comfort to all women and men who are in the throes of re-visioning their lives a way to 'take heart' and thrive."
-Ione, author of Pride of Family, Nile Night, & Listening in Dreams

"I feel there is a place for other women to enter and receive comfort from this story."
-Normandi Ellis, author of Awakening Osiris, Dreams of Isis & Feasts of Light

"Lightning Holds My Hand conveys to its readers the gift of a gift. In this thorough, exacting, intimate and vulnerable account of her own transformation, Andrea Gale Goodman honors, distills, and passes along what helps us to heal and change: dreams, oracles, guidance, friendship, nature and wisdom, all woven together and showing that 'the Universe leaves nothing out. It never drops a stitch or overlooks a voice."
-Annie Finch, poet, author of Eve & Calendars


Andrea Gale Goodman is director of Ruby Throated Spirit Healing Center and a co-founder of the Ministry of Maat. An interfaith minister, mythic astrologer and counselor, she specializes in sound healing, Her career as vocalist/actress in experimental music and theater spans over thirty years, including seventeen with Meredith Monk.