Escuchando en sueños (Book in Spanish only)

Escuchando en sueños (Book in Spanish only)

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Please note: This book (only in Spanish) can be purchased directly from the publisher at the link below - We are not currently carrying this item

This book, compiled for the first time in 2020, comprises three works written by IONE, Dream Guide and Deep Dreamer: Listening in Dreams, This is a Dream! and Deep Listening in Dreams. In these pages, IONE explores and develops the practice of Deep Dreaming, a cornerstone of the Deep Listening philosophy created by her spouse, Pauline Oliveros.

Using exercises to recall dreams and to center our awareness on the sonic dimension of our dreamworld, IONE expands on ways to write dream journals, how to practice group dreaming, incubate healing dreams or identify universal archetypes related to dreaming. She focuses especially on listening to the sounds in our dreams (voices, music, sonic puns, etc.) and the information they can convey us. Only by doing so will humanity be able to bring about what she terms a «sneaky revolution», where the dream of reality and the reality of the dream merge to become the one and only dimension, universal and deeply personal at the same time, and dream awareness reach the highest echelons of every government.

We are all dreamers and all of us have the ability to listen to our dreams. Through her works, IONE will be our guide on this path.
Translator: Juan Pablo Martese